Smart Home Installation

Smart home installation & automation services with Amplex are customized to your objectives. It starts with an onsite consultation. We design your system, implement the latest technological innovations, and maintain your technology. We provide smart home installation in Naples, Marco Island, and the surrounding Southwest Florida area.

Full Service Home Automation

Amplex Technology Services, LLC is a Southwest Florida based consulting and professional technology services company focused on solving your technological challenge or tech needs through innovation, hard work and superior customer service. We stay on top of the latest trends to keep you and your business moving quickly and efficiently.

We offer a range of smart home devices, including home electric vehicle chargers for your vehicles. Our EV chargers are designed to provide efficient and reliable charging solutions for your electric vehicle. They are not only user-friendly, but they also contribute to the environment.

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We provide and install all types of smart home devices, automated door and window coverings.  We work with many the top manufacturers in order to provide the best materials, and selection.  Automated blinds, shades and door coverings all open and close at the exact same time as one another, making for a very cool effect.  They are not only beautiful looking, with the ability to control the amount of sunlight/heat allowed in your home, you also can save lots on energy costs, too.

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Automated door locks can be controlled by a key FOB on your key-chain and/or your smart phone, which can be a major convenience. Especially for those with children (lost keys are no longer an issue), and/or, elderly/disabled person(s) living in their household. Deliveries, unexpected guests and service workers can be let in and out at your discretion without having to stop what you’re doing to run home. Locks keep a log of what codes are being used when and time restrictions can be assigned to codes limiting access to certain people at certain times.

Open your garage door from anywhere using your smart phone. Convenient for deliveries, service workers, kids, guests, visitors, etc. Lost the garage door opener? No problem! Opener battery dead? With garage door automation it’s not an issue! Can’t remember if you closed the garage door? Open up the app and it will tell you if the door is open or closed and how long it’s been that way!

Amplex can supply your home or office with ‘whole house or office audio/video’ and automate all of it. Watching a movie and it’s dinner time? Send the video and audio to the kitchen as well as the living room, so you can continue enjoying the movie without interrupting by having to pause it. Having a party? Send the radio or iTunes playlist audio throughout the house. Pressing one button (or stating one command) can start a symphony of devices working together in harmony to create the perfect scene: all lights dim to your liking, the projector screen comes down from the ceiling, the A/V equipment all turns on to its correct settings, the blinds close to your preference, etc.

Landscape lighting is not only beautiful, it’s an unobtrusive security feature. Let’s design the lighting scene of your dreams – front yards, back yard coach lights, wall wash, fountains and firepits. The possibilities for stunning effects are endless.

Amplex provides and installs all types of ceiling fans and lighting, including track, recessed, under-cabinet, accent, wall, and LED lighting, as well as chandeliers.  Automating the lights and fans in your home or office is another great way to save big on your energy costs, as well as extend the life of the light bulbs.   Having the ability to turn your lights on and off from anywhere can have safety advantages, too.  Turning on the lights while you are away to make it look like someone is home is a good example.

Know that your home is safe and secure with smart home installation through mobile controls that effortlessly keep you connected. We sell, install, and maintain your smart door locks, security cameras, sensors, and security systems.

Most smart home automation begins here, and it’s no surprise. The energy and cost savings from being able to turn your heating and air-conditioning on and off from anywhere in the world with your phone, is not only convenient, it’s smart. Whether you bought it from us or got it on your own, Amplex will install and automate thermostats.

Innovation is Key


It is not surprising that Smart Home Installation & Automation in Naples, Florida continues to grow in popularity. Convenience, energy savings, and next level security make home automation the smart choice for the Naples luxury home community.

Amplex Technology Services is a Savant Authorized Dealer - Not all smart homes are the same. Contact Amplex today for more information about Savant's personalized home automation systems.

The Amplex Advantage

Top of the Line is our Standard

We only sell, install, and maintain the highest quality, performance-based smart home automation systems and equipment.

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We provide user interface installation such as touch screens, voice commands, and remotes and teach you how to use them.

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Your dedicated home automation technician is always just a phone call away.

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Each smart home system is exclusively customized to your lifestyle.

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