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Whether you are trying to create a visual experience at an event space, commercial building, or even at your own home, Amplex Technology is here to help. Installing video and LCD walls can take your visual experience to the next level and has become a great solution for any building in today’s tech-savvy world.

Visual Experience

Video walls have become a requirement in boardrooms, stadiums, hospitals, retail stores, etc. They consist of multiple individual screens to create a singular image or video. When it comes to video walls, LCD are the most popular. These panels are customized to any size or shape to help you achieve the style and visual experience you want for your building. LCD video walls also produce vibrant lighting even in the well-lit retail spaces and are energy-efficient which is great for long term uses.

Amplex Technology is now a dealer of Samsung, “The Wall”. Samsung has taken the concept of a video wall to new heights. This product is a MicroLED display that is designed to deliver durability, modularity, and brightness. “The Wall” provides perfect contrast ratios, giving lifelike visuals that are true to colors. Amplex is also a dealer for other major brands such as LG, Sony, Panasonic, and many more.

Installing video and LCD walls has become the go-to solution for creating visually stunning environments. Amplex Technology is here to turn that vision into a reality. With commitment to dedication and installation, Amplex stands as your trusted partner in elevating your visual experience.

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