Le Petit Chef – Naples Florida

Le Petit Chef – Interactive Restaurant

Le Petit Chef is a special dining experience that goes beyond regular food experiences. It combines cooking with an advanced 3D interactive restaurant. During this unique dining experience, guests enjoy a fun journey with a small, animated chef who appears on their plate. This little chef tells a delightful story while guiding dinners through the steps of making their meal. The tiny chef, wearing a chef’s hat shows how the multi-course meal is prepared right in front of them. Guests get to watch him chop, cook, and present ingredients creatively and innovatively.

Le Petit Chef 3D restaurant in Naples FL tabletops and audio video system by Amplex Technology Services

The Audio-Visual Installation Process For The Le Petit Chef Project

Le Petit Chef, a 3D interactive restaurant is made possible by Amplex Technology through our proficient installation process. Le Petite Chef called Amplex because they were in a bit of a jam. The vendor that was supposed to install the system that the entire restaurant is based upon backed out less than a week before their grand opening, so we stepped in to assist!

When Amplex arrived on site we learned that the tabletops were the wrong color and the wrong size which would not work for the 3D animated show, so it prevented us from doing our job.  Since we knew time was of the essence, Amplex jumped into action. We decided we were going to make new tabletops. After extensive research, we were able to find a company that would supply plastic sheeting in the right color and thickness. Amplex picked up, delivered, cut them to size, and routered and sanded the corners and edges so they were safe. We installed them on the existing tables and solved that problem so that we could begin our job of installing the audio/video components.

Le Petit Chef 3D restaurant in Naples FL tabletops and audio video system by Amplex Technology ServicesWithout any prior knowledge of La Petite restaurant or how it works, Amplex was able to start the job within 2 days, do the installation in 3 days, and allow them to open that Sunday! Amplex is solution-oriented and will do what it takes to get the job done.

We made Le Petit our main priority, to get them on schedule and open on time. We are excited here at Amplex about the opening of Le Petit Chef in Naples and are happy to help make memorable moments for all the guests.

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